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Wear-resistant special steels with hardness 400 HB, 450 HB, 500 HB, 550 HB, 600 HB provide high levels of resistance to mechanical wear and are suitable for components exposed to heavy abrasion in use cases such as loading devices, shovels of wheel, loaders, bodies of trough tipping wagons, conveyors, excavator components, road machines, screens and crushers. The range of high hardness, low-alloyed martensitic steel plates have outstanding resistance to especially abrasive wear – typically three to six times higher than classical construction steels.


The plates manufactured are fine-grain melted and can contain microalloying elements such as Nb and V. The higher level of hardness is achieved by direct quenching (accelerated cooling directly after hot rolling) or conventional quenching. On request, guaranteed values for notch impact energy is provided.


Due to their chemical composition wear-resistant plates are well-suited for welding. All tested fusion welding methods can be employed, but metal inert gas shielded arc welding has proved especially effective (low hydrogen input). For reasons of crack prevention, basic-coated electrodes with controlled hydrogen content should be used for manual electric arc welding. Prior to welding, the electrodes must be dried according to manufacturer instructions.


Some of the well-known brands of the manufacturers of wear/abrasion resistant plates are HARDOX, DUROSTAT, RELIA, CREUSABRO, ABREX, ASTRALLOY, EVERHARD, RAEX, QUARD, FORA.

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