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Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates

The range of plates supplied are martensitic abrasion resistant steel. It's high resistance to abrasive wear and

impact makes it ideal where long service life is required.


  • mining equipment

  • earthmoving machinery

  • buckets, knives, grapples

  • dumper bodies

  • refuse haulers

  • scrap containers

  • screeners

  • crushing and pulverizing equipment

  • scrap presses

  • cement drum mixer barrels

  • feeders, skips, screw

  • conveyors

  • conveyors belts

  • slurry pipe systems

abrasion resistant steel plates

Chemical Characteristics

Mechanical Properties


Charpy-V Notch Impact Test (longitudinal at -40°C/F )

Download the Data Spec Sheet >>>>

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