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ASTM 410S | Ferritic Stainless Steel

UNS S41008   |   EN X6Cr13   |   W.Nr. 1.4000

  • Available in Cold Rolled Strip, Hot Rolled Strip and Plate forms in Annealed condition, with thickness starting from 26GA [0.50mm] up to 6" [150mm].

  • Corrosion resistance: ASTM 410S exhibits good resistance to atmospheric corrosion, organic acids, alkalis, and some inorganic acids. This makes it suitable for applications in chemical processing, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Heat resistance: ASTM 410S can withstand high temperatures without significant loss of strength and oxidation resistance. It is suitable for applications in high-temperature environments, such as heat exchangers, furnace components, and automotive exhaust systems.

  • Low carbon content: ASTM 410S has a lower carbon content compared to other stainless steel grades, which helps to minimize the formation of chromium carbide precipitation during welding, reducing the risk of intergranular corrosion.

  • Weldability: ASTM 410S exhibits good weldability, allowing for easy fabrication and welding using common methods such as gas tungsten arc welding and shielded metal arc welding.

  • Dimensional stability: ASTM 410S maintains good dimensional stability, ensuring accurate and consistent performance over time.

  • Magnetic properties: ASTM 410S is a magnetic stainless steel, which can be advantageous in certain applications where magnetic properties are desired.

Chemical Properties

Mechanical Properties

Surface Finishes

# 1  - Hot rolled annealed and descaled. Smooth decorative finish is not required.
# 2D - Dull finish produced by cold rolling, annealing and descaling. 

# 2B - Smooth finish produced by cold rolling, annealing and descaling. 
# BA - Bright annealed cold rolled and bright annealed.
# CBA - Course bright annealed cold rolled matte finish and bright anneal.
# 2 - Cold Rolled.

# 2BA - Smooth finish produced by cold rolling and bright annealing. A light pass using highly polished rolls produces a glossy finish.

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