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coated steel


  • Galvanized steel is a two-sided, zinc-coated product produced through a continuous process comprised of cleaning, annealing and coating.

  • Galvannealed has a zinc coating that is heat treated and transformed to an iron/zinc alloy that offers superior painting and weldability.

  • Galvalume (zinc & aluminum) coated steel products are produced through the hot-dip process and available in variety of qualities and coating weights.

  • Aluminized (AL) steel is coated with an aluminum-silicon alloy that gives an appearance similar to aluminum sheet.

Product Range

galvanized galvalume aluminized galvannealed aluzinc steel coils
coated steel coils


  • Normal surface (A)  

    • Imperfections such as pimples, marks, scratches, pits, variations in surface appearance, dark spots, stripe marks and light passivation stains are permissible. Stretch levelling breaks or run-off marks may appear. Coil breaks and stretcher strains may appear as well. A-surface is more shiny than B surface.

  • Improved surface (B)

    • Surface quality B is obtained by skin passing. With this surface quality, small imperfections such as stretch levelling breaks, skin pass marks, slight scratches, surface structure, run-off marks and light passivation stains are permissible. Skin-passed B-surface has a matte appearance.



Surface treatment In order to prevent formation of white rust during transportation or storage, the following surface treatments are available:

  • Chemical passivation (C)

    • Unless otherwise agreed, metal coated coils and sheets are delivered as chemically passivated. A thin passivation layer remains on the surface of the steel. The purpose of this is to protect the coating against the formation of white rust during transportation and storage. This treatment is not sufficient, however, for protection under all conditions.

  • Oiling (O)

    • If required, oiling can be used instead of chemical passivation. Metal coated products to be painted are recommended to be delivered in oiled condition. The temporary corrosion protection provided by oil is especially dependent on storage time, and therefore long storage times should be avoided with oiled products.

  • Chemical passivation and oiling (CO)

    • Both passivation and oiling are also available for maximum surface protection.

  • Unprotected (U)

    • In unprotected condition, i.e. without surface treatment, there is a risk for formation of corrosion products and scratches during transportation, storage or handling. The products are supplied without surface treatment only if explicitly required by the customer on its own responsibility.

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