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C Channel Bars

A 36/A 36M
CSA G40.21 50A (350A)
EN10025 / S355 JO
ABS Grade A
A 328/A 328M
CSA G40.21 50AT (350AT)
EN10025 / S355 JR
ABS Grade B
A 572/A 572M Gr. 50
CSA G40.21 50W (345WM)
EN10025 / S355 J2
ABS Grade AH32
A 572/A 572M Gr. 60
CSA G40.21 50WT (345WMT)
ABS Grade AH36
A 572/A 572M Gr. 65
A 588/A 588M Grade B
ASTM A 690/A 690M
ASTM A 709/A 709M
ASTM A 913/ A 913M
ASTM A 992/ A 992M
Miscellaneous Channels
C Channels
MC12 x 31.0
C12 x 20.7
MC12 x 35.0
C12 x 25.0
MC12 x 40.0
C12 x 30.0
MC12 x 50.0
C15 x 33.9
MC13 x 31.8
C15 x 40.0
MC13 x 35.0
C15 x 50.0
MC13 x 40.0
MC13 x 50.0
MC18 x 42.7
MC18 x 45.8
MC18 x 51.9
MC18 x 58.0
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